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Le Cadeau Du Cheval - The Horse Gift" Mural Mosaic Panel 115 progression

See the mural unfold online live. click here

I have to admit I waited too long to start this mural panel but......with good reason. I had been staring at it forever thinking.. ok what to do.
I had started out with a belgian draft horse head..... and with the pose I had, I wanted to fit in a little girl in the
corner.......... I drew her in... and well it just didn't fit. The sizing and angles were all off and it just got me more frustrated....
So I just started poking around on the web. I ran into the site for Personal Ponies Ltd. And everyting clicked. So I emailed the director of the program and asked if I
could get some reference photos to go through and see if I could come up with something to fit this panel. Knowing that we
are to keep the same colors and tone as much as possible........I knew this would have to be a puzzle piece to put
together if I was able to work it.

I never thought I would have gotten such a HUGE response. This group of people that form this group who are literally all across
the states.....started to send me photos. I laughted, I cried, and well I just cant believe how much this project has moved me.
I cant think of a more fitting HORSE GIFT than that. Please check out thier website and see what wonderful things they are doing!!

Click here for Personal Ponies Website

So it is to you Marianne and the Personal Ponies Ltd group...
that I dedicate this panel to ... for all the good you do out there.... I hope this may bring some more light to your program... and exposure for
all the wonderful children you help! And to all the volunteers.... God bless you all!
See the progression of this panel below

I will keep updating this until I get it done I have workd on it for the last three evenings..... so hope to have it close to done this weekend!

This is where it started.... the plain panel and then the draiwing....(Bottom right corner was
chipped so I had to put some gesso on it ... its not supposed to be white there.)

some of the colors in these photos are a bit off as they are photographed inside at night with just the room lighting.

blocking in colors and light areas...

fuzzy ponies ah who can resist them??

a little bit farther....

more hair....

reshaped the eye and added the halter... now blocked in the bottom images...
the boy is changed to a girl in the bottom image

June 14th progress..... more to do though...

June 18th. Wow amazing how lifes little surprises set you back in the time you thought!
I was able to get back to the painting after a day or two break And looking at the orginal panel... the little red head girl was not
fitting with the tones I needed there.. so we went to a different black haired girl with a cheery smile!

Indignant of the big smiles that come from the kids and these ponies!! Love it!

Anyhow this is the final panel..... will be shipping it off this week. Thank you Personal Ponies folks for al

the inspriation...and what a great program to get involved with!!