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About the Artists

Kat, Hattie Mae, and Monte... hard to get a photos with all of us in it... as one of us is usually behind the camera!!

Kat & Monte Moore came to this place in 2004.
Home of True Imagery Studio and Moorthnglass

Kat Moore has been drawing since the age of four. Self taught for the most part since no one in her family really can draw much.
She picked up acrylic paint in the 7th grade and has continued to perfect this every time she hold's a paintbrush. After becoming a
florist and working in the industry for 12 years, Paul and Jenn... friends of Kat's asked her what she would do if money were not issue in her life.
She said paint and draw. So with a little encouragement and a chance to sit at Paul's computer helping their business out by answering
the phone...Paul showed her a computer program to draw with and Kat buried her nose in learning more about how it
works....always getting better programs ... Paul encouraged Kat to do more and eventually she stretched her
wings and move to OR doing photo retouching and artwork for Paul long distance.

Kat went to OR also to help nanny for a family of 13. She has a heart for these kids who lost a parent to cancer...and this family
saw enough of that tragedy. The kids also inspired Kat's artwork even more as God used her hands to do some
wonderful pieces of digital art in OR too. As her talents grew so did her love for draft horses as she bought her first belgian
draft horse Kaesi. from there on seems like Kat just dove right into the draft horse world. The digital art took off in a line
of shirts...called "real Horses Weigh a Ton" with 13 designs all of a different variation of draft horse breeds. Selling her artwork
and shirts is how she ran across Monte Moore in Sisters OR at the Small Farmers Journal Auction.

Monte has been artistically inclined since a child and remembers always being out in nature as much as possible. He grew up in
Spokane Wa and went to college here too. He was on the cross country team and spent countless hours out in the open
running everywhere. But not just being a sports nut...he was also a nature nut and alot of his practice runs took him
through the wodded areas and up along the ridges in Spokane going places that few poeple had ever been. He always
collected plants, rocks and leaves things he could study and draw or plant and nurture into an adult tree or shrub.
Something he still continues to do today and has shared that legacy with his daughter who is delighted to pick up and carry pine
cones on thier routine walks outside. Monte studied in Wales the fine art and craft of stained glass and painted glass learning
how the masters do it. Then came home to resume his teaching career in the Spokane school district. He has been teaching over
30 years in many different schools but has retired this year...from M.E.A.D. Alternative High School.

Monte is still helping out with a weekly art class for the students. He does the most amazing work with the
kids and staff there. Its a hard enviroment for any teacher...but the impact they have on those lives is immense! Monte also volunteers at
Hattie's school Arcadia Elementary

Kat and Monte were also blessed with a wonderful little mini artist... Hattie Mae in 2004. She is a budding artist and writer and loves to teach and share like her Dad.
This year in 2015, the Moore's are progressing to the point of having students and classes here on the farm this late spring and summer. Contact us for more information.

The Moore's will also host other artists and photographers who would like a scenic farm setting to teach a class. A nice well lit classroom with tables and stools are supplied
And lots of subject matter all around to shoot or draw from. Everything from our resident Kestrel Falcons raising thier young in our tamarack trees... to the occasional bald eagls and red
tailed hawks that frequent the area. You might even get a glimps of a black bear or young moose if your lucky as they have wandered through the grounds from time to time.

Check out or facebook page to see whats happening and the things we are currently doing. and thanks for stopping by!