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For Christmas 2010 and Mother's day 2011 Monte started and finished a wonderful craft... that well
did take some time to think about the actualy design of it all...... Anyone with kids or a special someone ... this is a wonderful project to do.
You can find all kinds of ideas online if you google altered books. but you start with an old book or journal and then remove some of the pages to make
room when you add stuff to it.

Monte had kept a journal or two when Hattie was born about his thoughts and feelings of being a 60 year old first time dad.... and well just all the
things you think about as a new parent. He took the actual pages of that out of the notebook and some he cut up and some he put in whole but
you can get the idea of how the pages went.

Monte is a very colorful person and very sentimental so there is alot here for the memory of his mom who never got
to meet Hattie... and his sister who passed away to cancer too who never got to see Hattie either. What a way to get
your thoughts and ideas out of your head into something wonderful to pass on down your family tree. I am sure
that Hattie will look at this when she becomes a parent and get to feel even just a touch
of what her dad felt for her the day she was born and the first year of her life.