Glass for me has been an ongoing journey that began in the Mid 1970’s. Over the years I have
worked to refine my craft and bring it to my personal perspective. On the way I have worked
as a studio craftsman in San Francisco, and studied at the college of architectural stained glass
in Wales, United Kingdom. I have attended Pilchuck Glass Art School and studied under glass
artist Johaness Schreitcter from Germany and Master Glass Painter Albinus Elskus from Lithuania.
My current vantage point has a historical alignment. In Medieval Churches, Light from the
sun passed though the windows depicting familiar stories of the Bible. Bathed in this light the
people worshiping inside were intended to feel God's presence. I believe glass craftsmen of the
time worked with a certain reverent passion for this light and the way it made their message and
glasswork come alive.
Glass itself is a seductive medium, rich with intense colors and visceral textures. Making noteworthy
stained glass windows is striking a balance between these special qualities inherent in the glass and
the light. It is also an important balance of quality design, fine glass, and refined craftsmanship.
This is my goal with each piece I do.

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