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I am trying out the different drawing pencil leds and learning a bit more how to use this medium better.
All the older drawings below were done mostly with just a soft lead one kind... So I hope to achieve a bit more realistic look now.

The puma is a head study for a painting I am currently working on ( you can see the difference with the other
grades of pencil from the photo of the cougar below which was just done with one led)

This golden eagle was a head study also for a painting I hope to complete later this year

The Bald eagle was a study for a painting I began in 2011... and still have on the board not finished.
This was taken from the photos of the eagles that visited us in the winter of 2010-11. Sitting in our trees in the yard!



For older drawings I have completed ...Click on the tumbnails to see the full size drawing and info.