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Scratchboard is a hard board covered in clay and then inked on top. You scratch through the black surface to expose the white clay board below.
You can get incredible detail in this way by using the basic scratch tools, a wire brush, scalpel, tattoo needles and other neat things. I have also
colored the white parts with various inks and have sealed each board with sealer. These are very time consuming to make as each single hair is not
only scratched in one by one but then colored by layering lots of light color washed ink over it to get the right depth and color tone. My originals are
always for sale.....inquire about the piece for individual pricing...prints will be available soon of these works.
More to come as I am actively scratching more subjects in the studio every moment I get.

Commissions of loved companions





Here is my most recent series called Puppy Paws.... These will be available in a 6 x 6 print.

The originals are being held for the owners of the dogs to purchase. Those that are not purchased will be up for sale.


Stay tuned more puppies are lined up waiting to be drawn!!!


COSI below was my first scratchboard... and Now I am hooked!!!

Cosi- English Shepherd portrait

Portrait of Cosi the English Shepherd.

Original SOLD

Xena-Tiger portrait

Xena the Tiger... Portrait -8x10 inches AVAILABLE

Emergence-Jaguar portrait


Jaguar Portrait - 11x14 inches




Cheetah portrait 8x10 - reference photo by Steve Tracy

Clayboard and ampersand inks for color... and scratching in detail. **scratchboard**

Prints of this piece are being produced... and soon to be available.